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A sketch dump. Please forgive me for shitty qualities. I need to give up on providing excellent quality sketches because my sketches are not even that beautiful.

At least you get to see how my mind works. Haaaaaha. I really do love my red pencil too much, until my underdrawing get too messy to be recognizable. Mainly my characters and Gale/Wizard from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. It is just practice and doodling before I move to final thumbnail for my best friend’s birthday present~ 

Darkness crept and claimed the last remaining streaks of light,

Night was waking.

May many names that a celestial being had bless, bestow,

and even curse an admirer. Folly Tricksters within forest;

Blind to ignorant eyes, but not the experienced and anxious one.

May the celestial being that…